How to Choose Leather Sofa And Fabric Sofa?

How to Choose Leather Sofa And Fabric Sofa?

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When purchasing leather sofas and fabric sofas, in addition to distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of the two, you must also master certain methods. How to choose leather sofa and fabric sofa?

1. Key points for purchasing leather sofas: When buying leather sofas, you must first figure out the material of the sofa, such as cowhide, buffalo leather, yellow cowhide, green cowhide, etc. Among them, cowhide leather is the softest and of the best quality, and the second is to look at the sofa. Whether the skeleton is strong can be detected by lifting the sofa legs. Finally, check the quality of the sofa, such as whether the sofa has a pungent smell, whether the sofa filling is elastic, whether the corners of the sofa are mixed with inferior artificial leather, etc.

2. Key points for purchasing a fabric sofa: When purchasing a fabric sofa, you must first test the comfort of the sofa. The most important thing is to sit comfortably, and then check the filling of the sofa, because the low filling density of the filling will directly affect the quality of the sofa. The service life can be tested by pressing the armrest and backrest of the sofa. If there is no obvious wooden frame, it proves that the sofa has a high filling density and is not easy to deform. Finally, test the resilience of the sofa and let the body sit in a free fall On the sofa, it was rebounded twice to prove that it has good elasticity.

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