How To Choose A Leather Sofa

How To Choose A Leather Sofa

Leather art sofa refers to animal leather leather sofa and artificial leather PU leather sofa. The sitting feeling and price of the two are a little different. The animal leather sofa has good air permeability and softness, and it is more comfortable to sit on. Therefore, in terms of quality It is much better than artificial leather, and the price is naturally a little higher.

Choose a leather sofa "touch, see and smell" trilogy, experts teach you how to avoid pitfalls
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Natural animal leather, after processing, has a smooth, plump and soft surface, and is full of elasticity; while artificial leather and synthetic leather are astringent, not smooth to the touch, rigid, and relatively poor in softness. Membrane, so that the air permeability is not good, and the skin is relatively stuffy and not skin-friendly.

Leather art sofas have always attracted a lot of fans due to their solemn, luxurious, elegant and durable features; when choosing, in addition to checking whether they have a sense of luxury and luxury, you should also carefully check whether the surface is uneven and has clear pores And patterns, good quality pure natural leather sofas will have these small details.

The natural leather sofa smells like animals, and the artificial leather has a pungent and unpleasant smell, which makes people unacceptable. After the fiber is ignited, the artificial leather will emit a pungent smell and will form lumps. It will emit a burnt smell like the hair is burned. It is easy to distinguish the quality of the leather art sofa by smelling the smell.
Pu Leather 3-Seat Chesterfield Sofa

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