How To Choose A Good Quality Sofa

How To Choose A Good Quality Sofa

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Sofa is essential in the living room, so how to choose a good quality and beautiful sofa?

First, look at the stability and firmness of the internal frame of the sofa. A set of good quality sofas must be framed with square wood nails and fixed with boards on the sides. We can hold the sofa with our hands to feel the weight. If it is a solid wood frame, it will be thicker, and the sofa made of packaging boards or plywood nails The weight is relatively light. At the same time, we can grab the back or side of the sofa with our hands and shake it repeatedly a few times to feel its firmness.
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Second, look at the fine workmanship of the internal structure of the sofa. Today's sofas, whether they are made of leather or fabric, basically have zippers at the bottom that can be opened. Hair, or nails at the joints of the wooden frame, these are all sofas of poor quality. On the contrary, if there are no above-mentioned problems, use smooth hardwood, and the joints are connected with mortise or notches, and then glued If it's locked, it's not a big problem.

Three, the brand. When purchasing a sofa, try to choose a good reputation. Because the brand is recognized by many consumers after long-term use, the quality is stable and reliable, and after-sales is guaranteed

4. If you want to buy a leather sofa, you must examine the real leather. Now the popular sofas in the market are divided into full green leather and half green leather. The leather surface is rich and shiny, without scars, and the texture is fine. When you pinch a place with your fingers and pull it up, it feels flexible and strong. After sitting, the wrinkles can disappear quickly or become very inconspicuous. This is the best Good skin.
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5. Look at the foam sponge and other fillers in the sofa. Three kinds of sponges are generally used for sofa sponges: high elastic, high elastic super soft and medium elastic. Shot sponges are generally used as backrests and armrests, and high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft sponges are used as seat parts. You can sit down and feel the comfort for yourself. In general, it is better to sag the sofa cushion about 10 inside after the human body sits down.

Conclusion, when choosing a sofa, you should choose it according to the decoration style of your home and the size of the living room. If you are still not sure what kind of sofa to choose, you can check our website, we provide various styles of fabric sofas, sofa beds, multifunctional sofas, you will definitely find your favorite sofa.

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