What Kind of Sofa is Suitable For A Small Living Room

What Kind of Sofa is Suitable For A Small Living Room

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1. The small living room is more suitable for a straight sofa, that is, a double sofa or a single sofa. Under normal circumstances, it is placed facing the TV. If space permits, you can also choose an L-shaped sofa, that is, add a single sofa on the side.

2. The corner sofa is a very simple sofa type, very generous, and it is more warm to place in the living room, especially suitable for young people. Moreover, the corner sofa has a sense of design, which will make the whole living room look simple and unique. It is the choice of friends who like youthfulness.

3. Buying a multifunctional sofa in the living room is more suitable for families with a smaller apartment size. It is more practical, and some can also be used as a bed, which is really convenient. The multi-functional sofa covers a relatively small area, and the design of the multi-functional sofa is still very beautiful, you can go and have a look.

4. Generally, the combination sofa is suitable for a relatively large room with elderly people, because most of the combination sofas are more practical, and the design is not so fancy. Many of them are more Chinese or retro, with a very rigorous feeling. Generally, there are elderly people in the home It is more suitable.

Types of sofa placement
1. If the home is a square living room with an area of about 10 square meters, then the sofa can be placed in an L shape. The longest side of the sofa is facing the TV. At the same time, a single sofa can be placed on the side , As for whether to place it on the left or the right, it can be considered in combination with the layout of the home.

2. If the area of the living room is relatively large, you can choose an enclosed sofa when choosing a sofa. It is convenient for communication and can make the center of the space more prominent.

Tips for buying a sofa

1. When buying a sofa, you must understand its weight, because the heavier the sofa, the better its quality, and the two must be directly proportional. You can hold up the sofa, feel its weight, and then make a decision. You can also shake its backrest with your hands to see if it is loose.

2. There are still many sofa materials, including leather and fabric. When you buy, you can consider your actual situation. If there are children at home, it is not recommended to buy a fabric sofa. Children are likely to stain the fabric sofa, which is inconvenient to clean. In this case, a leather sofa is definitely the best choice. Wipe it with a damp cloth at ordinary times. Just wipe it off.

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